If you want to learn how to increase your drive pain-free, you are in the right place.

I’ve helped ex-athletes, golfers, and business professionals from around the world increase mobility, lose belly fat, and stay pain-free throughout it all!

The men I’ve trained went through a process and had to make a commitment to themselves knowing that they might fail or have to face their fears. But the ones who chose to move past that went on to achieve their goals, and you can too!


Each week will be a new challenge to learn from, providing you with the best research and knowledge in the golf fitness industry.

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Hi, I’m Jess! I was an active athlete in school playing softball, swim, track, cheer, and water polo. I stopped playing once I hit college, then came the 50 lbs I packed on from still “eating like an athlete”.

I started out thinking the only way I could lose the weight was by dieting. I tried over 10 different crash “diets”. To my dissatisfaction, it never kept me full or happy.

I wasn’t confident and I worried for my health. Worst of all I didn’t think I had a chance with people I found attractive.

Originally I went to college to study Nursing and I worked in a hospital as a Phlebotomist. I found myself hating my job and eating my way into size 9 jeans. I decided to change the scenery so I quit!

Starting a new into preventative health, I told myself that if I could be of service in the world I would want to help people get healthy and avoid the dreaded hospital bed. So I became certified in Yoga in 2011. As the years past more certifications came with my passion – in Pilates, Personal Training, and now TPI(Titleist Performance Institute) Certified.

I determined that living an enjoyable life and sharing it with my clients was far more worth it! So I updated my goal.

Instead of just finding a good paying job, I wanted to find work I loved and the life I loved, and so I asked myself who is my “Ideal” Client over the years while working at 24-hour fitness, Crunch GYM, Fitness 19, Vegas Hot Yoga, and La Costa Golf Resort.

I chose golfers. So I saved enough money, quit my bartending job (at the time) and made it my mission to become one of the best golf fitness industry professionals.

I took time off to find out what work excited me. And now I help golfers focus on eliminating their pain, and improving their health to create an amazing life, all while building their golf game!


A PGA (Painless Golfing Academy) Member is a person who knows they will attain their goal. They are dedicated to becoming healthy again on their own terms. They want an enjoyable healthy lifestyle, freedom from all the obstacles holding them back.

It’s okay to fall off track. I still do from time to time. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you turn those into lessons you learn from. What isn’t okay? Putting it last on your priority list.


“Jessika is an absolutely fantastic coach who cares strongly about her clients success and well-being. She customized a program for me that was tailored strictly to my needs and wants. Weekly face-to-face appointments ensured I stayed on track with my plan and I enjoyed every minute having Jessika as my coach. Highly recommend her for any coaching needs.”

Phil D – Golf Academy of America, Phoenix, AZ

“I feared I would lose mobility as I got older, after working with Jess I am much more energized after 18 holes.”

Frank M. – Project Manager, PCL Construction